• Maíra Canete

    Maíra Canete

  • Wayne Barker

    Wayne Barker

    Having fun sharing lessons learned studying brilliant people to support improved personal and team performance.

  • Leigh Steed-Middleton

    Leigh Steed-Middleton

    Category Designer making email useful again. VP Product at SEDNA based in London. ex MD Signal Noise part of The Economist Group | keen runner & cyclist.

  • Robert Folkes

    Robert Folkes

  • Balu G

    Balu G

  • Tim Calnan

    Tim Calnan

    Automating #landscape #landarch with #BIMforlandscape software solutions including ArtisanRV (Revit), Artisan (AutoCAD), Helios & NPS

  • Jake Wombwell-Povey

    Jake Wombwell-Povey

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